Playsound Services Ltd is a North-West based firm specialising in the design, supply and installation of a superb range of educational playground equipment. At Playsound we understand the importance of outdoor play and have designed a range of equipment which is accessible to all children.

We are proud of our range of play systems as they cover the seven areas of learning in early years, and then on through the key stages of the learning journey.

Playsound Services Ltd was established in November 2003. The company has 20 years experience within the play industry, working in the Northwest as well as the rest of the UK. Our experience has been gained in all aspects of the industry from design, play equipment manufacture, installation and routine safety inspections.

Playsound has established close links with Schools, Nurseries, Local Authorities and Parish Councils. We have many repeat clients due to our high level of customer service and a vast majority of our projects have come from client.


Reasons to Use Playsound

Quality handmade playgrounds for less

We understand that a new playground and outdoor equipment can take up a large part of a budget. That is why Playsound promise to deliver to you exceptional value for money to make your budget go further. Even though our prices may seem good, it doesn’t mean the quality is reduced. In fact Playsound provide some of the best products available in the market with all of our equipment being handmade using materials to the highest specs. We won’t cut corners to save on costs and won’t be happy until you are happy.

Bespoke play equipment designed especially for you

Playsound have a brochure that we can send out to help inspire you and give you ideas and are full of our “standard” items, but we know that you may have seen other products on the internet or at other sites, or you may well have you own ideas. Playsound can provide you with a free bespoke design service to make sure that you get the exact products you want. You may want one of our climbing units but slightly larger than normal or with different features, either way we can modify our designs to suit your needs all at no extra cost.

A family run play company with over 20 years experience

Some things get better with age, and that is definitely true about Playsound. With over 20 years experience in the play industry we have developed a method of working that makes the creation of a new play area as stress free as possible and there is very little that we haven’t come across before. This makes sure that you receive the best possible service and ensures a smooth running for you from start to finish. As a family run business we are a close knit team that works together to make a successful and efficient team.

Fully trained staff who take pride in the work they do

All of the staff at Playsound take pride in what they do, and aren’t happy unless the products they design; the equipment they manufacture and the items they install are perfect for you. Fully trained, everyone is CRB checked and trained so that each member knows exactly what they are doing so that any Playsound staff can assist or direct a query to the relevant person.



Is your design service free?

Yes, from the initial design of your new area to the creation of any new product, our design service is completely free

There is a split in my timber, can you replace the log?

Timber is a natural product that will expand when wet and shrink when dry, so cracks and splits are completely normal and don’t affect the strength of the wood. There is no issue unless the split becomes wider than 8mm when it can become a finger trap, in which case please call us to investigate further.

What maintenance is required once the equipment is installed?

Once a project is completed we will provide you advice on how to make sure your new playground is kept in good order. Anyone competent is more than capable to follow the advice such as a caretaker or someone who has an interest in DIY, but we are always on hand as well if you need any help. With safety in mind we offer a selection of inspections and maintenance packages suitable for all projects. Please contact us for a quotation and details of packages available.

Where does Playsound operate?

We operate mainly in the North-West of England but we are more than happy to quote for jobs further afield. Previously we have installed playgrounds in Wales and Scotland as well as London, so please contact us for a quote.

What if I need spare parts?

We offer a comprehensive refurbishment and replacement parts service. Just call us and we would be happy to visit you and offer our expert advice on this matter.

What is the best way to contact you?

Playsound can be operated by various means, such as traditional post, phone and fax, but also through social media and email. All details can be found on our Contact Us page.